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The Origin Story

The Maker Collab began in 2020 as an online competition amongst makers.  People from all over the globe teamed up to compete against one another.  A theme was announced and each team’s goal was to make the best project they could while collaborating with each other.  Over time, The Maker Collab had grown into a real community of people whose skills were only outweighed by their passion.  In 2023, The Maker Collab expanded to form TMCU: The Maker Collab University.  


Through TMCU, individuals from all backgrounds can find easy-to-access online education while establishing a community of people to network with.  Ultimately, The Maker Collab aims to help people create, learn, & connect.  We do this through our video lessons, live Q&A sessions, community forum, social media sharing, fun competitions, and real life interactions through video conferencing and in-person events.  

Ultimately, we hope you are able to craft a life you love.  If we can manage to help you do so, it would be our pleasure.

Nick and Christy of Statedwoods and Oak Hill Millworks and The Maker Collab
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