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How to Make Custom Cabinets

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Christian Tierno

This video was made in partnership with Klingspor Woodworking Shop

In this three part series, Christian of Tierno Woodworking takes us through the process of making custom cabinetry, starting with the main construction of the cabinet box itself.  We encourage you to keep reading but we’ll be frank, Christian shares so much useful advice in these videos you do not want to miss so you might as well just watch the video!

Let’s dive in!  Christian starts his process with breaking down full sheets of pre-finished plywood using a track saw. This makes it a lot easier to then cut pieces down to final size on the table saw.  If you are doing multiple cabinets, heed Christian’s advice and be sure to label every part of the box, even down to the direction it should be facing / top or bottom.  Staying organized takes a little bit more time in advance but having a cut list and labeling parts keeps you from costing yourself a lot of time and confusion in the end.  Be sure to keep reading to see what you’ll learn in the video and feel free to check out the links below if you need guidance on some of the tools or products you see in the video.

Once your cabinet parts are cut to width and length, consider using a pocket hole jig for assembly.  Christian has a professional-grade pocket-hole machine which makes it easier to expedite the process of drilling pocket holes with accuracy but there are many other pocket hole jigs available if you are just looking to do a small cabinet project for your own home. This one is very easy to use, comes with everything you need to get drilling, and is a little more budget-friendly.

Consider enrolling in TMCU for full access to all of the educational content and follow along with Tierno Woodworking for more tips and tricks on how to:

  • Strategically place pocket holes for easier cabinet box assembly

  • Ensure accurate parts sizing with his suggestions at the table saw

  • Secure the back panel onto a cabinet with the right type of fastener

  • Know when to use coarse vs fine threaded screws

Other products shown in this video:

Pocket-hole clamp:

Incra 5000 cross-cut sled:


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