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What is a Media Kit?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

What is a media kit and do you need one?  Catch this video by the duo that everyone knows and loves, Vik & Dom from the For the Gram Podcast to find out more.

Vik & Dom

What is a media kit and do you need one? Catch this video by the duo that everyone knows and loves, Vik & Dom from the For the Gram Podcast to find out more.

A media kit is basically a digital resumé used largely by modern day influencers or content creators. Used to connect creators with brands, the media kit lets companies know who you are, what you do, and how you are connected with your audience on social media. It’s a common misconception that if you have a higher follower count on your social media channels that you’ll automatically be the one that brands choose to work with. This isn’t always the case and there are other factors to consider.

If you are in the phase of your side-hustle or small business where you are trying to do online marketing through social media, consider ways to appeal to your specific audience and in your specific location. What do we mean by this? Don’t go chasing follows by only sharing clickbait-style content. Anyone can grow a social media following but not just anyone has a truly invested, engaged audience. Things like engagement and relevant demographics are things that will stand out on a media kit.

Another important recommendation from Vik & Dom is to include your work history on a media kit. Isn’t that what we did during our resumé writing days? You’re more likely to land a job if they see relevant work history. Catch the full video to see how this translates to social media marketing and applying it to a media kit… and don’t miss the zinger that Vik drops nearly 30 minutes in when he reveals his opinion that might stir the pot!

Ok but what do you do if you are fresh into the social media game and don’t exactly have “work history” to show on a media kit? Perhaps talk about your goals as a creator and how it will benefit the brand to work with you on a project. Time to sell them on why working with you will be great for THEM. There’s so much more to unpack in this video so we hope you will consider enrolling in TMCU for full access to all of the educational content and follow along with Vik with & Dom for more tips and tricks regarding:

  • Making a good media kit to get started working with brands

  • Rate cards and when to make them available to brands

  • Different rates for different sized companies

  • The ONE thing that they say is far more effective than a media kit

Plus, TMCU members can access Vik’s actual media kit here!

Sample Media Kit
Download PDF • 5.35MB

Continue to follow along with more advice from the For the Gram Podcast related to all things social media to help grow your business!

3 comentários

Membro desconhecido
22 de ago. de 2023

I had never even heard of a Media kit until a company asked me if I had one, lol. So thank you for posting this. I do have a question, and this might seem silly, but what do I do with it? Other than sending it when I was asked, do I just cold send it to other companies I'm interested in working with? Post it on my social? Just hold onto it for when someone asks? etc. Thanks

Membro desconhecido
02 de set. de 2023
Respondendo a

Hey Ashley, it’s Vik from The Stump Shop. The previous answer was great! I personally suggest not sending the media kit in any “cold call” situation. I feel that may be overwhelming to those receiving it. I suggest keeping it up to date every month otherwise just holding onto it until asked. In the initial email or call with a company, mention “and I would love to send you my media kit which contains more information if you are interested” . Then if asked you can send it along with a digital “cover letter” which is basically a few lines introducing your Media kit.

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