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Working with Brands

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

What is a media kit and do you need one?  Catch this video by the duo that everyone knows and loves, Vik & Dom from the For the Gram Podcast to find out more.

Vik & Dom - For The Gram Podcast

Have you ever wanted to learn how in the world content creators are connecting with brands and getting products or payment from them? Social media marketing is HUGE and is still spreading like wildfire. Many companies are just now beginning to learn how to lean on influencers and media makers to do online marketing for them for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods and with just as much, if not more, success. Catch all the details in this video by the duo that everyone knows and loves, Vik & Dom from the For the Gram Podcast to find out more.

If you aren’t familiar with sample stations at Costco, who even are you? But seriously, have you ever had the pleasure of going to Costco and seeing a ton of sample stations set up in the aisles? You can literally have lunch on samples alone. Everything from popcorn and chocolates to cocktail weenies and grilled chicken to drink samples and more. Getting groceries has never been more delicious! Ok getting back on track. Those samples tune us into the possibility of a new delicious food and with the chance to try it ahead of time, we are more likely to purchase it now that we are familiar with it and of course if we like the taste of it. This is the premise behind social media marketing as well… just without snacks.

The point is, brands WANT to work with influencers and content creators because they can give you samples (and if you’re lucky, some money too) for you to try out. If you like it, you can talk about it and if you don’t, you can pretend it never happened. Oftentimes the beauty of working with brands for products only means no contract. You aren’t obligated to say or do anything with it, they just send it to you because they stand by their product and hope you will like it and then talk about it. This is extremely cheap advertising for them and keeps their product in front of their exact target audience.

Working with brands is quite the experience and varies quite a lot depending on the company you are working with. Watch the video to hear the full story about how Vik & Dom got the chance to work long-term with Rustoleum Canada when they were just starting out on social media! If you aren’t yet, we hope you will consider enrolling in TMCU for full access to all of the educational content and follow along with Vik with & Dom for more tips and tricks regarding:

  • Landing long-term brand deals

  • What to look out for when you get your first contract

  • The button to have on your social media profile to increase your chances of being contacted

  • Finding the balance between going above and beyond for a brand and knowing your worth

Continue to follow along with more advice from the For the Gram Podcast related to all things social media to help grow your business!

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