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Steve's Story:

I grew up on a hog farm in Illinois. I worked on a variety of things with my dad on the farm and most of it involved farm maintenance, building hog sheds, and a little house remodeling. A lot of that was trial and error and learning as we went. My parents always taught me that with hard work you can get through just about anything.

I went to college at Iowa State University - Go Clones! I earned a civil engineering degree and have worked on a number of projects in several states including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, and Arizona.

My amazing wife Stacie and I got married in 1998 and we lived in Colorado for about 6 years. We moved back to Iowa to be near family in 2004. We have two amazing boys, Carter and Chris, who inspire us more every day.

I enjoy building a variety of things in my spare time. I mostly enjoy woodworking which includes CNC projects. Recently I also started working with diode and fiber lasers to supplement my woodworking tools.

Hopefully my projects will help you as you work on your own projects.

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