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Bessey Tools North America

In 1889 Max Bessey founded BESSEY & Sohn as a bright steel drawing plant. Since then, BESSEY® has continuously expanded its range of products – beginning with the production of manual clamping tools in the mid-1930s. The strength of BESSEY®'s continuing success is based on 4 key principles:


Quality: Precision and durability are at the core of the BESSEY® brand.


Innovation: "To stop improving is to stop being good.” The motto of our company founder Max Bessey remains true today and is the guiding principle of everything we do.


Variety: With over 1,600 available products, BESSEY® offers a tremendous range of items in its chosen field of expertise. We are THE hand clamping experts.


Service: Reliability, confidence and a sense of responsibility are the backbone of our partnership with the environment and customers. BESSEY® has distinguished itself as a service-oriented company.

People. Passion. Possibilities. Black Diamond Pigments was founded by artists for artists. We never forget who we are working For. We are committed to helping every artist succeed. From support on social media to simple questions about product usage.

2023 Catalog

Bessey Catalog
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