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Prize Packs!

Thanks to our proud partners, we have amazing prize packs that each teammate will get!
Every member that signs up receives $15 credit with ShipNerd to help with costs of shipping projects to team members!
ShipNerd $15 Credit

1st Place

2nd Place

Superlative Awards

  • Most Creative / Unique

  • Best Team Spirit

  • Best Content Creation

  • Thinking Outside The Box

  • Best International Team

  • TMCU Favorite

TMCU Winners Logo

The Workbench Award

To be chosen to receive the Workbench Award, your team will need to be competing in The Maker Collab competition for the first time and demonstrate that you are doing so in an attempt to: improve your skills, learn about content creation, and be an engaged member of the online maker community! Winners will receive 2 Tickets to WBC 2025. Voted on by WBC Staff.

WorkbenchCon Tickets Graphic
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