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Frequently Asked Questions

The Maker Collab is a community organization

that provides opportunities for networking,

learning, and creative competition.


2024 Competition

Theme: Music


Jimmy and Derek

2024 Theme:

Inspired by Music

2024 Judges


Jimmy Diresta and Derek Forestier

Special Awards:
  • Most Creative / Unique

  • Best Team Spirit

  • Best Content Creation

  • Thinking Outside The Box

  • Best International Team

  • TMCU Favorite

2024 Maker Collab Winners

1st Place Winners

Team 17

2nd Place Winners

Team 11

Workbench Award

Team 6

The Best Sponsors in the Maker Community

2024 Collab Comp Sponsors_edited
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The Maker Collab 

A friendly competition between makers who want

to challenge themselves creatively and get to

know others in the community.

Open to anyone in the world!

Compete for awesome prize packs!

Pick a partner or we can pair you with one.

Prize Packs!

Thanks to our proud partners, we have some amazing prize packs that each teammate will get!

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Previous Competition Projects

"We had so much fun getting to know other makers and having an excuse to build something fun and different. Highly recommend if you have the time to give @themakercollab a try!!"

Ashley @shallowcreekwoodcraft

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