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Black Diamond Pigments & Color Theory

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Jess Crow

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

In this video, a leading voice in the world of epoxy resin art and beyond, Jess Crow takes us along for the journey as she teaches about using mica pigments and color theory to yield beautiful results when working with various substrates.

From the Instructor: I am going to be talking to you guys today about Black Diamond Pigments and specifically a little bit about color theory and how that plays a role in when you are choosing what colors to use in your epoxy projects. You guys are going to be seeing the difference between a natural background, a white background, and a black background and how that can greatly affect the way your pigment colors show up to the party!

Topics Covered in this Video:

  • Color theory starts with the color wheel,which is a visual representation of the primary colors and how they combine to create other colors

  • How to choose pigment colors for a project using the color wheel

  • How Black Diamond Ghost Series pigments interact with epoxy

  • MakerPoxy mixing ratios & when to add pigment

  • How to use a technique called “stacking” to get the most from your pigments

  • How to use isopropyl alcohol to create cells

  • Using the right amount of heat

After you have learned how to utilize the color wheel to consider colors that compliment or contrast with one another in this video, look out for the follow-up video to see how Jess finishes making this incredible piece of art that is inspired by a shell. In the meantime, make sure you stock up on tongue depressors, gloves, and mixing cups so that you can try out your own project using epoxy and Black Diamond Pigments! If you want to try out a bunch of colors before you order a larger tube, errrr tub, try out a variety pack so you can sample them first!

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