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Holiday Craft Show, Projects & Pricing

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Bruce Ulrich

In the first video from Bruce Urlrich, we learned TONS of strategies for how to set up a booth at a festival or craft show and how to prepare for selling at a market. Check out this video for specific ideas on what you could be making for your next holiday craft show and ideas on pricing.

If you’re anything like us, you’re short on time and need a quick win. Bruce breaks down more than 5 projects with an overview on how to make them and what they sell for. Our personal favorite is the very first one - porch presents! These are so simple to make which means it keeps our costs low to make them and they can sell at a price that doesn’t make people think twice about buying - plus they can easily be made at varying heights/sizes and be sold in sets to take advantage of the strategy of bundle pricing to increase the likelihood of a sale. Dress them up with twine or ribbons with different colors so people can see how easily they could be personalized to suit their individual style.

There are so many projects you can do easily with pallet wood at a low cost to you to make and Bruce goes through how to use one to make a garland display. Another project you can do involves using empty wine bottles and you know what that means?! You’ll need to have a couple friends over beforehand to prepare for that project. However, let some time pass before you move onto the project as it does involve cutting glass to turn the wine bottles into chimes! Other ideas involve making trays, trivets, and ornaments. If there’s any way you can offer customization on site, that could help you make a sale.

Consider enrolling in TMCU for full access to all of the educational content and follow along with Bruce for more tips and tricks on how to:

  • Price your products competitively

  • Make items that are easy to batch out in advance

  • Make things using files purchased from Etsy

  • Speak to people in a way that makes them feel welcome but not pressured

Have you done a market or craft show before? Comment below if you’d like to share some of your key takeaways to share with our community.


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