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Is CNC for Me?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Sam Coleman

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

In this video, Sam Coleman with Coleman Designs will give us an introduction to using a Onefinity CNC and share some of his projects with us. If you have ever wondered if you could manage to program and use a CNC router table, this is a great video to give you an idea of what the possibilities are!

From the Instructor: Let's see if a CNC is for you. So first I'd like to go over some of the CNC basics just to make sure we know how this thing moves around. Most CNC’s have one standard direction of movement, the X-axis which moves left and right, the Y-axis which moves forwards and backwards, and the Z-axis which moves up and down. You can actually hook up a keyboard to the CNC and control movement with a keyboard too. Although the CNC can accomplish tons of different tasks, this video will walk you through three functions of a CNC that will allow you to create a variety of things to make and sell!

Topics Covered in this Video:

  • CNC axis movement

  • Accessories that can be used with the Onefinity CNC line-up

  • Use of a bowl bit to make a pocket toolpath

  • Use of a V bit to do a text carving

  • Use of an end mill to do a profile cut

  • Project ideas with examples

  • Materials that the Onefinity CNC can cut

If you would be interested in more detailed CNC instruction, let us know the topics you might want to learn more about. Sam uses his Onefinity Elite Foreman to create wooden signs, engraved coasters, carve architectural corbels, valet trays, cribbage boards, and more. There are a variety of design softwares available and several free versions as well that might be a good starting point. If you’re into accessories that make working easier, we highly recommend checking out the wireless joypad controller from Onefinity to basically turn your CNC experience into a live-action video game experience! You can also grab a great starter set of bits that includes a ¼” endmill, an ⅛” endmill, a 90 degree V bit, and a ¾” bowl bit that will allow you to do quite a few different things with just these bits.


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