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Live Demo on JTech Lasers and Onefinity CNC

Onefinity CNC Lasers and JTech Lasers

See Ya Laser! Introduction to CNC Diode Laser Upgrade

Onefinity CNC

Are you ready to take your CNC machine to the next level? Lasers are an incredible addition to the workshop and they come in all shapes and sizes - so which one is right for you? Join us for a live Q&A session featuring the total studs from Onefinity, Morgan and Stone, and the mad scientist, Jay from Jtech Photonics, as they delve into the transformative benefits of upgrading your CNC with a diode laser. From detailed engraving to precision cutting capabilities, this technology opens up a world of possibilities for hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you're looking to enhance your woodworking projects or streamline your build process, this live session promises to be a wealth of insight and practical tips.

During the class, Morgan, Stone, and Jay answered questions, and shared their firsthand experiences and expertise, guiding you through the advantages of integrating a diode laser into your CNC setup. Discover how this powerful combination can revolutionize your workflow, level up your personal projects or small business, and unlock new creative avenues. Don't miss this opportunity to hang out with and learn from industry leaders and fellow enthusiasts, as we explore the limitless potential and benefits of upgrading your CNC with a laser. Mark your calendars and join us for a fun, informative, and occasionally silly discussion that could shape the future of your craftsmanship.


Jay Johnson, Jtech Photonics - Stone Willingham, Onefinity CNC - Morgan Hopfensperger, Onefinity CNC -

Common Laser Types :

CO2: Very big, pricey, cuts & engraves wide range of materials

Fiber: Insanely fast, small work area, limited material capabilities, very pricey

Diode: Attaches to CNC, affordable, large capacity

What’s the right laser option for you? Take a look at your needs.  What is the size of your working space? What is your budget? What do you hope to achieve? Reviewing the chart below can help you get an idea of the line-up of diode lasers offered through Onefinity and their capabilities.  Once you narrow down your goals for having a laser, see which one fits your budget… because, spoiler alert, ALL of these options will fit your space!  

If the ability to do customization and having a space-saving option is what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a good option from Jtech and Onefinity.  The all new 44 watt diode option may not fit everyone’s budget, but beggars can’t be choosers! The fact that it has been tested and verified to actually be able to mark bare metal is bonkers and flirts with the idea that it could be likened to a fiber laser in that regard. 

4 Lasers available from Jtech for Onefinity Machines:

*All lasers are manufactured by Jtech Photonics in Houston, TX and sold and supported by Onefinity CNC. 

Lasers on a Onefinity CNC

Jtech Lasers on Onefinity website:

Laser software for CNC:

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