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Pigment Epoxy Coasters

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Jess Crow

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

In this video, a leading voice in the world of epoxy resin art and beyond, Jess Crow takes us along for the journey as she teaches about using mica pigments and making a set of coasters.

From the Instructor: I am going to be talking to you guys today about Black Diamond Pigments and how to make a set of coasters! We’re going to talk about solid colors vs shift colors and how to judge how much pigment to use for your project depending on what color you want.

Topics Covered in this Video:

  • Solid colors like Medieval Copper vs shift colors like Mystic Green/Blue

  • MakerPoxy mixing ratios & when to add pigment

  • Using gravity as a tool when you don’t want to use heat

  • Incorporating many colors into a small space

  • Techniques to get the mica powder to shift within the epoxy on your project

  • What to do with excess epoxy

Jess recommends starting with a smaller-scale project so that you can sample different pigment colors and see what you like to work with before moving onto a larger pour. Having a bunch of small pap

er cups on hand is a great way to mix up a bunch of colors from one batch of epoxy that you mixed up before adding pigments. If you find it looks a bit more translucent than you were anticipating, you may need to add more. Keep in mind this will thicken your epoxy so play around with it and find what you like! A great way to dabble is to look into Black Diamond Pigments’ variety pack options. We personally love the Lux Emerald Green Jess uses on each of the coasters in this project.

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