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Christian's Story:

Christian Tierno is the founder and owner of Tierno Woodworking, a small business operated out of Bluffton, SC. In 2016, Christian opened his first small business, Tierno’s Renovations. What started out as handyman work turned into full scale renovations. As the business grew over the years, Christian began cultivating his wood working craft and in 2019 made his first ever built-in unit. It didn’t take long for him to realize this was where his heart was so he continued to pursue his passion for woodworking. What started as one built-in turned into multiple custom pieces, which led him to open Tierno Woodworking.

Now he runs his cabinet shop full time and specializes in high end built-ins but welcomes the challenge of any new project. In 2020, Christian began sharing his love for woodworking on social media. Christian prides himself in the fact that everything he has learned and accomplished is all self taught through trial and error and the University of Youtube. It surely has not been an easy journey, but this fuels his passion to share and teach others. His goal is simple, become the best craftsman he possibly can be and hopefully inspire and teach others along the way to not be afraid to chase their dreams! “You can do anything you put your mind too!'' This is a motto that Christian lives by.

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