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Matt's Story:

Matt Voeltner is the owner of his side business (Voeltner Woodworking) and podcast host for the Maker Lounge Podcast, where he interviews makers from all sorts of crafts.

He was born and raised in Fullerton, CA and moved to Houston in 2009 where he later met his wife and had two kids.

Matt enjoys making all sorts of woodworking-related projects and has recently been focused on building his YouTube channel and podcast.

Matt is always trying to pick up new skills, watching a variety of genres on YouTube. Some of his favorite creators are those who incorporate entertaining aspects along with their teaching style. He continues to invest in his various channels by improving his video and audio, to make a better viewing and listening experience for the audience.

When Matt isn’t in his shop or behind the microphone, he enjoys watching his son play baseball and daughter sing.

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