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In 1935, our founder developed the first one-part, ready-to-use hide glue. We still sell that product, as Titebond Genuine Hide Glue. Today, it is one of many innovative products that, combined, make up the adhesive industry’s most comprehensive wood glue program. Beyond the Titebond classics – Titebond Original, Titebond II and Titebond III (all, industry firsts) – the program includes some two dozen formulations with unique combinations of characteristics to meet all application requirements and personal preferences. They all do share one thing in common: Superior performance. (The same holds true for all Titebond products, which include a broad line of construction adhesives and sealants.)


We have devoted ourselves to earning your trust in our products and our company. This goes beyond producing high-performance products to meet all your woodworking needs. We also are here to help you to use them to best advantage. You’ll find helpful information on our products and application tips on In addition, one of the best technical support teams in the business is at your service. The team is available via phone or email Monday through Friday to give advice and to troubleshoot. Some of you might have heard the team’s presentation on wood glues at your local woodworking guild. Our commitment to education is one reason why we are thrilled to be part of The Maker Collab and TMCU!


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